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Purpose and Audience

This procedure is directed to students, faculty, and staff of New River Community College.


Student: A student is any person who is officially registered at New River Community College during the specific academic term in which a complaint occurs.

Complaint: A complaint is a written expression of dissatisfaction or constructive criticism from a student submitted to an employee of New River Community College. As defined by the college, a complaint is a less formal action than a grievance, which is covered by a separate procedure. 

Students who follow the procedure described here also have the option of filing a grievance if they feel responses to a submitted complaint are inadequate. 

Student Guidelines

Any student as defined above may submit a complaint by describing the issue at hand and directing it as follows:
1. The complaint may be directed to any employee of New River Community College.
2. The complaint must be in writing.
3. The complaint may be on paper or in electronic form.

Employee Guidelines

  1.  In each instance where a student files a written complaint, a response will be provided to the student within five (5) business days.
  2. The receiver of the complaint will determine whether he/she is the appropriate respondent or if the complaint should be addressed by another staff member. In the latter case, the receiver will provide the appropriate staff member with the complaint details and note such action on the Complaint Resolution Form.
  3. The respondent will determine the appropriate format for a response (e.g., e-mail, letter, in-person meeting, etc.).
  4. Copies of all correspondence related to the complaint (both to and from the student) will be maintained on file with the respondent and in the Office of the Vice President for Instruction and Student Services. Documentation will include completion of the Complaint Resolution Form.
  5. In the event that a student expresses belief that he/she did not receive satisfactory resolution to the complaint, the respondent will inform the student of the option of filing a grievance under the provisions of the institution’s formal Student Grievance Procedure which is aligned with the Virginia Community College System student grievance policy and procedure.
  6. The VP Staff will review all complaints and associated documentation at a regularly scheduled meeting each semester and where appropriate, will use the information to establish guidelines for future practices.



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